"As always, A wonderful experience at SOUKYA for 7 days.Leaving rejuvenated,feeling lighter and and more fit for the year ahead.SOUKYA's doctors and the therapists have recharged my energies and set me on track with their efforts,their care and excellent practice.This is my fifth visit and I always feel like coming home.The beauty of the surroundings,the lovely rooms and the whole atmosphere is one of great serenity and I cannot thank enough Dr.& Mrs.Mathai enough for their wonderful friendship ,thoughtful care and my heart felt gratitude to all.Will be back soon"

- Ms.Nirmala Lakshman (Chennai) after a week stay, January 2017

"Pleasant Peaceful Surroundings,Friendly staff,Excellent treatments and care.Achieved all what we came for and more.Thanks Dr.Mathai and all SOUKYA Staff"

- Mr.& Mrs.Abdul Mohsen Alissa (Saudi Arabia) after 12 days stay,January 2017

"Thankyou for a wonderful week and experience.From caring doctors to the dining service,the team here all are amazing.SOUKYA has revitalized me and 2017 will be a good year because of it.See you very soon!"

- Mr.Raj Datwani ( Singapore) after a week stay,January 2017

"Thankyou so much for such a relaxing stay.It is always so beautiful and tranquil here and you leave feeling revitalized for the year ahead."

- Ms.Libby Dixon (UK) after 10 days stay,January 2017

"Thankyou so much for creating such a beautiful environment,my first visit and I knew I will be back-Leaving rejuvenated,relaxed,and ready to focus on my health! "

- Ms.Alka Vyas (Gurgaon) after 8 days stay,January 2017

"Everything Excellent-Staff at Restaurant,at Therapy room,doctors all went beyond and above for service.Going back rejuvenated.Will be back soon."

- Ms.Asha Melwani Nathirwal (Singapore) after 11 days stay,January 2017

"Thankyou very much for all your care and attention.Good treatment and advice.Hope to come again."

- Dr.Ritamma Kolukula (Holland) after a week stay,January 2017

"Had a great experience.Staff was amazing.Food was amazing.Will Come back soon again.I feel so good.So light! "

- Mr.Baljit Singh Grewal (Canada) after 9 days stay,January 2017

"We arrived tired in body and leave feeling 20 yrs younger!Thanks to all the staff for attending to every need and proudly get another unforgettable experience-What a place! "

- Dr.& Mrs.Dixon (UK) after 15 days stay,January 2017

" This place is magic.Staying even only for 2 days the treatments showed immediate effects. "

- Mr.Dieter Speidel (Switzerland) after 2 days stay,January 2017

"It has been 9 yrs since our last visit(in 2007)! To SOUKYA and the growth and revolution of the centre is remarkable.The attention to detail and organization is admirable.SOUKYA has successfully joined ancient Ayurveda and modern living.Health centre everywhere can learn from this! "

- Mrs.Bhanumathi Manek & Ms.Nisha Manek (USA) after 10 days stay,January 2017

"Great Experience,Wonderful place.Amazing Hospitality in an oasis of tranquilty."

- Mr.Anil Kapoor (Singapore) after 3 weeks stay,January 2017

"Thoroughly enjoyed our time at SOUKYA.Exceeded our expectations-hope to return again.Thankyou to Dr.Mathai and the team. "

- Ms.Maria Brand & Ms.Claire Brand (UK) after 11 days stay,January 2017

"Thankyou Dr.Mathai and each one of your team members,for making our stay in such a fantastic manner and no words can describe the place,the way you have made it.Its like 8th wonder of the world.We would like to come here on regular basis,we have been to so many places,but your place is class apart.Love you all and god bless. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Ramesh Bijlani (Maharashtra ) after a week stay,January 2017

"Thankyou Dr.Mathai and each one of your team members,for making our stay in such a fantastic manner and no words can describe the place,the way you have made it.Its like 8th wonder of the world.We would like to come here on regular basis,we have been to so many places,but your place is class apart.Love you all and god bless. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Ramesh Bijlani (Maharashtra ) after a week stay,January 2017

"Wonder Experience.Great staff and very caring.Atmosphere and tranquilty are exceptional.Vey well oirganised. "

- Mr.Ken & Ms.Linda Vander Weele (USA) after 2 days stay,January 2017

"Iam always thankful to have SOUKYA keep me well and healthy. "

- Ms.Pallavi Shah (USA) after 18 days stay,January 2017

"Relaxing place,comfortable rooms,great service. "

- Mr.Jaber Al Ansari (Qatar) after 9 days stay, January 2017

"An oasis of peace,tranquilty and healing par excellence!!Thankyou Dr.Mathai and your lovely wife for creating this paradise.The nurturing,caring and healing of every single member of staff is beyond expectation.When everything seems so effortless,one knows how much effort really goes into it.A big thankyou to each and every person at SOUKYA-The ultimate in Wellness.Sad to leave-but shall be back! "

- Ms.Rukshar Mehta (Mumbai) after 2 weeks stay, January 2017

"Love the one-on-one therapist relationship.Restaurant staff are beyond wonderful.From doctors to gardeners,SOUKYA nurtures mutual respect for all.Lovely home away from home.Looking forward for my return. "

- Ms.Komal Dhall (USA) after 15 days stay, January 2017

"The rustling of the leaves in the calming gentle breeze brings a tranquilty of ease which with everyday brings peace.The sea of green and bloom of flowers accompanies the choirs of bird sing showers the daily ritual of sheep to grass and rooster announcing that time has passed.The quiet endeavour of all around whose smiles and warmth docs surround and fills us all with natures glee.This garden of delight welcomes its guests day and night it fills hearts with hope and peace and provides for us a beautiful feast.A place where time rests for you and allows a broader,better new.With thanks to all who make it run and for all God grace and guidance in one. "

- Ms.Camilla Canellas (Spain) after 27 days stay, January 2017

"Thankyou for a truly wonderful stay.Beautiful gardens. "

- Ms.Elizabeth Jones (UK) after a week stay,February 2017

"Thankyou for a wonderful time at SOUKYA. "

- Ms.Catherine Goodman & Ms.Mary Leigh (UK) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"A wonderful just visit and experience in this blessed place.Peace,care and lots of focus on wellness-Just what I needed.A very dedicated team and I saw the results I wanted.Please keep up the good work. "

- Mr.Arjun Trivedi (Delhi) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"The peace and serenity of SOUKYA draws in and envelopes you completely.In my second visit here the competence and dedication of the team is top-notch.The focus on holistic care and wellness,the greenery and smiles all around imbue this place with calmness.Thanks very much. "

- Ms.Uma Anand Iyer (Bangalore) after 11 days stay, February 2017

"Glad to be back again and again.A magical place where you shed stress the moment we enter the gate of SOUKYA.Thankyou for the pampering and healing.God bless. "

- Ms.Deepika Sawhney Nanjappa (Delhi),after 8 days stay,February 2017

"SOUKYA is a great place to know yourself and deal with your ailments with the heplp of dedicated staff.A massive improvement from the last time when we were here.Look forward to coming back to be pampered.God bless for all the healing and caring. "

- Ms.Neera Chandiram (Delhi) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"The environment is truly healing,lush green and natural.The people are very nice and courteous.The doctors are patient and offer complete explanation of the treatments.The therapists are well trained and mindful.The dining room staff are also excellent.The food is wholesome and tasty.Overall an excellent place rejuvenation.The treatments are effective."

- Mr.& Mrs.Ananatharaman (Delhi) after 15 days stay,February 2017

"All has been said above.A truly exceptional experience.A wonderful ambience and feeling has been created,enabling a service to be delivered which is remarkable.Thankyou so much for the huge benefits that you have provided to our health and wellness."

- Mr.Chris Jessop,Ms.Sabine & Master.Alejandro (UK) after after 3 weeks stay,February 2017

"Exceptionally Royal Experience.Stay Blessed. "

- Ms.Ouida Duncan (USA) after 3 days stay,February 2017

"If ever there was a living example of the Garden of Eden,this would be it no doubt.Exceptional gardens fauna and flora,that could be.Excellent doctors,therpists and support staff.Coulnot ask for anything more.Keep up the good work and hope you continue to touch many more lives.! "

- Ms.Eddah Kibaki (Nairobi) after 4 days stay,February 2017

"I would like to thankyou for nice time,stay in SOUKYA.Iam sure there will be great changes in the future because all the people working here looking for the best. "

- Mr.Sami Al.Taher & Mrs.Sulthana Alsaif (Kuwait) after 15 days stay,February 2017

"Stay at SOUKYA was really very satisfying.Doctors attended well.Ambience too good.All is the result of Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Mathai hard work.May Allah bless SOUKYA and its staff. "

- Ms.Shail Akther (New Delhi) after 13 days stay,February 2017

"In general my stay was pleasant.No doubt D.Mathai has put great efforts to make this resort a pleasant with charming place. "

- Dr.Soliman A.Mosly (Jeddah) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"Difficult to find words to describe what I have received and experienced at SOUKYA.It has been like staying in Paradise for a week-the care and love I received beyond measure-Thank you from my heart to you all. "

- Ms.Belinda Jobst (UK) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"Lovely stay,lovely staff,I wish I had more time. "

- Ms.Hanan Abughazaleh (Jeddah) after 2 weeks stay,February 2017

"This is great unusual place with combination of beautiful surroundings,caring staff and knowledge of healing.Keep it up. "

- Ms.Camellia Panjabi (Mumbai) after 22 days stay,February 2017

"A very relaxing time in pleasant surroundings with friendly service and excellent treatments. "

- HH Maharaja Gaj Singh (Jodhpur) after 12 days stay,February 2017

"Dear Dr.Mathai and All the staff,My gratitude for the love and understanding to bring me back to normal Body,Mind and Soul!Thankyou SOUKYA-You are Divine!! "

- Ms.Rani Ayyappa (Bangalore) after a week stay,February 2017

"Very helpful,relaxing environment and welcoming staff.The treatments were very helpful. "

- Mr.John Moxon & Mrs.Pauline Moxon (UK) after a week stay,February 2017

"Just in one word Excellence for all special experience we have in SOUKYA for 1 week.Thankyou for everything,SOUKYA! "

- Mr.Hoang Duc Huy & Mr.Phan Quoc Trung (Vietnam) after 8 days stay,February 2017

"SOUKYA gives you a strong sense that they know what they are doing and that they will solve your problems given time . "

- Mr.Ushir Bhatt (UK) after 15 days stay, March 2017

"Iam glad my husband booked this for me.Great relaxing experience.Excellent staff and doctors.Compliments to Dr.Mathai to think of such a place.Would recommend. "

- Ms.Rakshya Pandya (UK) after 10 days stay,March 2017

"I would like to thank the doctors and staff for being so patient and the treatments were all amazing.SOUKYA is a relaxing and serene place.Thankyou for treatments.Will definitely come back. "

- Ms.Manvinder Rai (Kenya) after 15 days stay,March 2017

"I enjoyed the stay.Very friendly people and very good treatments. "

- Ms.Amal Alkhoja & Mr.Amro Mosly (Jeddah) after 22 days stay,March 2017

"Such a special and loudy stay.Cant wait to come back. "

- Ms. Jenny & Mr.David Pheiffer-2nd visit (South Africa) after 2 weeks stay,March 2017

"Everything way good and that why we have booked for September again. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Prabhakar Reddy (Bangalore) after 9 days stay,March 2017

"I wanted to thank all the doctors and the entire staff of SOUKYA for their concern towards the patients.Amazing atmosphere. "

- Dr.Jamshith (Chennai) after 16 days stay,March 2017

"Absolute tranquil surroundings,Excellent and caring doctors and staff,delicious and nutritious meals.Will come back for sure.Thankyou Dr.Mathai and everyone at SOUKYA. "

- Ms.Zita Goenka (Mumbai) after a week stay,March 2017

"Beautiful and peaceful surroundings.Excellent staff who make us feel at home and being attended to carefully.Very enjoyable stay here. "

- Ms.Nguyen Ngoc Khanh & Ms.Dang Dieu Linh (Vietnam),after 8 days stay,March 2017

"The staff are A class;Nature absolutely re-energizing;the birds and frogs play music to my ears;the therapies effective;and Objective achieved. "

- Ms.Bettina Al-Bakhit (Kuwait) after 3 weeks stay,March 2017

"Thankyou so much.This is my 9th stay at SOUKYA.I can feel here as in my home.SOUKYA is my second family. "

- Ms.Gerbal Daniele (France) after 17 days stay,March 2017

"In everybody there is a certain moments or experience that leave a mark in memory.Some of the moments have an impact that last life long.SOUKYA is one of it.Everything is natural hence sincere and honest.The staff are great.The Attention personalised and the result are not short of miraculous ."

- Mr.& Mrs.Balghunaim (Jeddah) after 3 weeks of stay,March 2017

"A centre of Excellence in every aspect!Congratulations to Dr.& Mrs.Mathai and the team for creating this wonderful space of serenity. "

- Ms.Parul Shah Harikumar (Bangalore) after a week stay,March 2016

"SOUKYA for me has been a bouquet of serenity,tranquilty,calm,beauty,well being all wrapped up in warmth,affection caring and humility.This bouquet is tied with a ribbon of expertise in holistic healing!!! Dr.Mathai you are healing this world and making it and the people transform into something special.All the very best!!! "

- Mr.Loney Antony & Ms.Pushpa Loney (Mumbai) after 16 days stay,March 2017

"Achieved what I had come looking for- a detoxification of body and mind.The real test awaits in the real world and as I step into it tomorrow,I take with me all that I have learnt here at SOUKYA.Thankyou for everything. "

- Ms.Harshika Daryanan (Singapore) after 2 weeks stay,March 2017

"Serene of Atmosphere and very nice set of people discharging their duties. "

- Mr.Shailesh Shetty (Mumbai) after 2 days stay, April 2017

"I come to SOUKYA twice a year and leave greatly energised.The staff and doctors are kind and competent and discerning. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Herzberger (Andrapradesh) after 5 days stay,April 2017

"My 1st visit to SOUKYA and definitely not my last ; a gorgeous place,perfect for my purposes;detoxing;destressing and emotional introspection.Charming vistas and particularly the intension of animals.Excellent medical team.Dr.Mathai ;Thankyou for your excellent care and amazing insights.You have put me on a path to wellness that I hope to continue for the next foreseeable future. "

- Ms.Anandita Kamani (Kolkata) after 2 weeks stay,April 2017

"I have been coming to SOUKYA since the past 11 years and have seen the place mature over the years.The trees,bushes,lawns,creepers all have grown and now look magnificient. Dr.Mathai is a traditionalist and that reflects in the way this place is run.All institution have staff attrition,retirement etc.But it is nice to come back and be greeted by the therapists and admin.Staff who had looked after me more than a decade ago.The treatments,rooms,food,ambience,serenity of SOUKYA is almost unparelled.Dr.Mathai and his entire team continue to do a great job and my best wishes to them for going from strength to strength.I will be back shortly and will continue to do so. "

- Mr.Nakul Kamani (Kolkata ) after 2 weeks stay,April 2017

"Great Experience and one that I will come back for quite often in the future.Kudos to all management and staff.Keep up the good work. "

- Mr.Tony L Nambiar (Bahrain) after 8 days stay,April 2017

"A heaven of peace.Wonderful people,food and setting.Hope to be back! "

- Mr.& Mrs.Fosters (UK) after 17 days stay,April 2017

"Well maintained,Beautiful with peacefull surroundings.Doctors and therapists are very friendly.New experience of eating live vegetables from the gardens at restaurant.This place is great because everything here is natural.Taste of food is also great. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Uttam Bagaria (Kolkata) after 6 days stay,April 2017

"All the hospitals in the world should be like this.If cleopetra had a hospital in our times,it would have been close to this.Will be back soon. "

- Ms.Mahfuza Ahasan (Bangladesh) after 9 days stay,April 2017

"Beautiful and well maintained surroundings.Full of peace and calm all around!The staff was amazing and so attentive to every single detail that includes therapists,dining staff,Reception and Housekeeping.This is truly a centre of excellence and the best of its kind.My experience in SOUKYA was a life changing one.I will surely come back.!"

- Mr.Firas Mallah (Bahrain) after 11 days stay,April 2017

"Great Experience! Always a pleasure!!Excellent team. "

- Dr.& Mrs.Karan Israni (Delhi) after 2 days stay,April 2017

"Centre for excellence.Well done.Fantastic treatments. "

- Mr.Vivek S Dempo (Goa) after 11 days stay,April 2017

"Once again you did not fail me.I come in bad shape and you fix me up and give me a new lease.The whole team of doctors and therapy staff work magic all the while gentle and kind and caring.Extremely greatful and SOUKYA its a unique institution with no equal anywhere in the world. "

- Ms.Pallavi Shah (Newyork) after 23 days stay,April 2017

"My 4th stay in as many years.Excellent therapies in most beautiful and peaceful surroundings competence and friendliness from every department from office to health centres, to kitchen and dining room,house-and ground keeping.I will be back! "

- Ms.Silvia Hirschmann (Switzerland) after 15 days stay,April 2017

"Its always a heavenly treat for me to come to SOUKYA-my second visit.The beautiful setting,great care and absolutely wonderful treatments make SOUKYA truly a holistic experience of goodness,well-being and happiness.The doctors are just amazing as are the staff and therapists.I will definitely be back!May god bless SOUKYA and beautiful people here. "

- Ms.Sagarika Ghose (New Delhi) after 13 days stay,April 2017

"SOUKYA is a very beautiful place.Food,treatment everything is good. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Venugopal Reddy (Bangalore) after a week stay,April 2017

"Great Experience.Throughly enjoyed.Excellent staff.A big Thank you. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Surinder Taneja (Delhi) after 15 days stay,April 2017

"Beautiful paradise and very friendly staff.A real treat to get away from the crazy life we live. "

- Mr.Jason Kennedy (Chennai) after 3 days stay,April 2017

"As my second visit to SOUKYA comes to an end.I have no words to express my gratitude and pleasure.14 days spent here are one of my happiest memories.A turely holistic wellness holiday.Thankyou everyone at SOUKYA.Looking forward to my next visit. "

- Ms.Golchha (India) after 2 weeks stay,May 2017

"As my second visit to SOUKYA comes to an end.I have no words to express my gratitude and pleasure.14 days spent here are one of my happiest memories.A turely holistic wellness holiday.Thankyou everyone at SOUKYA.Looking forward to my next visit. "

- Ms.Golchha (India) after 2 weeks stay,May 2017

"My third stay and planning next one-What else can I say about my Satisfaction with the staff and facility,with the stay and the results.I cannot thank enough Doctors and therapists for their care and professionalism.Thnk Dr.Mthai and family for creating and developing this paradise of holistic living and wellness.Wishing you every success in the future.!!I cant wait to be back. "

- Mr.Batchvarov (Bulgaria) after 2 weeks stay,May 2017

"Perfect!!!Impressed by the competence of doctors and level of service is extremely high!!"

- Mr.& Mrs.Shevchenko (Ukraine) after 17 days stay,May 2017

"Better than expected.Will come back in 12 months. "

- Mr.D Souza (Mumbai) after 10 days stay,May 2017

"It is a Marvel now.SOUKYA continues to improve in small ways but maintains overall the magical Aura of calm,caring and intelligence. "

- Mr.Thoms (Riyadh) after 15 days stay,May 2017

"Wonderful experience.Calm and beautiful ambience,well trained and friendly therapists and staff.Memorable and worthwhile stay.The Staff is so amazing.Love to everyone the therapies,food,and environment.Holistic living and positive living are so important. "

- Mrs.Rajan (India) after a week stay,May 2017

"Great staff,very kind and friendly.Speacial thanks to kitchen staff who were stricter than the doctors about my diet.Everyone actually cared!And that is the difference SOUKYA made in my treatments and recovery.Thankyou so much.!!"

- Mrs.Visweswaran (India) after 15 days stay,May 2017

"Wonderful and memorable experience.All staff,doctors,therapists,dining are very caring and committed.My goal of overall wellness has been met.Will certainly visit again. "

- Mr.Parikh (India) after 18 days stay,May 2017

"I was sceptical before coming to SOUKYA but it has been revealed to me as the home of healing and Iam aternally greatful to all the staff here for this opportunity to reconnect my mind,body and spirit.Iam going home a happier,healthier,brighter version of my myself.Icame came here with hope and no expections SOUKYA has been so much more than I could have hoped for.My daughter is so much happier and looking forward to the rest of her life.Iam feeling happier,getting loads more sleep and my body feels great.Thanks to every single member of SOUKYA family for all your hard work,patience and care.We will be back and telling everyone about this Magical Place.!!"

- Ms.Cara & Ms.Allida (UK ) after 22 days stay,May 2017

"A place blessed with peace,health and spirituality.Iam thankful to each and every member of SOUKYA family. "

- Mrs. Singh (India) after 38 days stay,May 2017