• SOUKYA is a one-of-its-kind residential, integrative medical facility in the world, where curative and rejuvenative treatments are done using a holistic approach.
  • Instead of treating just specific conditions or symptoms, an individual is treated as a whole. Our doctors prescribe medications and treatment procedures based on an individual’s need and when required, doctors from different systems of medicine monitor the progress.
  • In specific cases, Consultants from any other medical stream are called in as required, and treatments are done in consultation with them.
  • At SOUKYA we practice Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Yoga among others.
  • Complementary therapies we provide include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Acupressure and several kinds of therapeutic massages. (Click here for more information)
  • Wellness Packages address Stress Management, Rejuvenation & Detoxification, anti-ageing, destress, Panchakarma etc. (check Our health packages) Though they are packages, they are customized for each person.
  • Medical Programmes are designed for almost any condition (check Medical Programme page). Before any treatment program is designed, SOUKYA’s protocol starts with a pre-arrival consultation where we let you know what can be done, and how long a treatment procedure may take.
  • Once you arrive, there will be a detailed Holistic Health Evaluation with our doctor (this may go on for about 1½ hours), and only will an appropriate and suitable treatment programme be designed.
  • No, as travelling during treatments leads to symptoms such as headache, body pain, fever, cold, sleeplessness etc. When one takes treatments as OP, the effects are totally nullified. Hence, we do not encourage it.
  • SOUKYA is nestled on a 30-acre certified organic farm and our facilities are built to promote wellness of mind, body and spirit. There are 25 spacious rooms with attached gardens. The therapy centre has separate male and female areas that mirror each other for privacy. The fruits and vegetables grown in our organic farm are used in the Dining and we grow over 130 varieties of ayurvedic, herbal and aromatic plants in our organic medicinal garden that provides about 80% of the ingredients for the in-house production of high quality, ayurvedic oils and medicines supervised by Ayurvedic doctors. The other facilities include Yoga hall, 2.2km walking track, library, swimming pool, indoor games, cycling etc.
  • When one undergoes the treatments, the muscles and joints become very sensitive. Any over stretch could cause injury to the muscles and joints. This is particularly the case with the gym, and hence we have not incorporated it here.
  • No, but we do have our sister concern SAHAYA with similar treatments at a much lesser cost which caters to the common masses. We also have a clinic in the city.
  • You could decide on the treatments once you are in SOUKYA and after meeting with the doctors.
  • Yes, we can.
  • We do not provide a cure for any condition including a sneeze or a cough. We treat medical conditions effectively and all improve with our treatments.

Accommodation and services

  • Living spaces or rooms are categorised as ‘Deluxe', ‘Deluxe Special', ‘Super Deluxe‘ and ‘Super Deluxe Special'. Additionally, there are ‘Suites'. All rooms are spacious and have a private garden and ‘Deluxe’ rooms have an attached open garden. ‘Super Deluxe' rooms and ‘Suites' have an open-air shower. For more info. check living page
  • Yes, Wi-Fi is available free of cost at the Front Office. Inside the rooms it will be available at a cost. We charge additionally for using Wi-Fi because we believe it is best to avoid frequent interaction with gadgets as much as possible during your stay here while undergoing treatments.
  • While it is best to dissociate from technology altogether, we also understand and respect your need to keep yourself connected with your loved ones or minimally, with your work environment.
  • The charges for accommodation and treatments are separate. The accommodation includes the room, Full board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Basic consultation with doctors, SOUKYA's organic vegetarian cuisine, common yoga in the morning and evening taught by the Naturopathic doctors, usage of facilities such as library, swimming pool, indoor games etc. The treatments are charged separately.
  • Yes, attenders are allowed at SOUKYA. There are separate rooms for attenders. Food will be provided in the staff cafeteria.

Food, Smoking & Alcohol

  • At SOUKYA, we serve ovo-vegetarian cuisine - which includes egg and vegetarian food. It is based on low fat, low salt and low spice. The food menus are carefully curated to provide a well-balanced sattvic food that is delicious and healthy. Regardless of medical or health programme, for each guest diet is personalised based on the individual's ayurvedic body type and lifestyle. Many of the fruits and vegetables come from our own organic garden and orchards.


  • If you are not an Indian citizen, ensure you have your passport with a VISA to visit India. If you are here for a medical program, please bring all medical reports.
  • In order to enjoy our wide-open gardens, lawns and walking paths, do get your walking shoes and comfortable clothing for Yoga. Our pristine environment dotted by ornamental gardens is great for listening to music.Calming music will be excellent. In case you like, SOUKYA also has a collection of uplifting Indian classical music CDs.
  • We are located in the outskirts of Whitefield, Bangalore.
  • We are in the outskirts of Whitefield, Bangalore.By air you should reach The Bengaluru International Airport and from there it is about 1 hour 18 minutes drive by car. We could arrange for your transfers.


  • Yes, Serious Medical conditions are covered by Indian Insurance, please contact us for more details


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