Guests from over a hundred countries have visited SOUKYA for a wide range of treatments for varying health conditions. Hear what they have to say about their experience at 'SOUKYA'.


A very relaxing time in pleasant surroundings with friendly service and excellent treatments.

Despite being recommended by my wife so strongly, I kept my expectations at reasonable levels but what I experienced have raised the mind - body - spiritual integrated so rich and meaningful. In everything connection to nature and its beauty - in colour, texture, air, fragrance, the ambience - sheer beauty has been woven in. To me the treatment, therapy and other inputs were a real bonus. Will for sure - carry the experience to my colleagues.

Though here just for the weekend, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated! Thank you for the amazing hospitality, great food and wonderful memories.

SOUKYA is a heaven in the times of the Covid pandemic. It is a peaceful and healing nature sanctuary which I keep coming to every year since the inception in 2001. A big thank you to Doctors, Therapists and the entire SOUKYA team for their dedication, warmth & caring during my entire three week stay. A special mention of chef and his amazing delectable vegetarian creations, his soups are yummy!

Came here for detox and weight loss. Lost around 8kg. Feeling light and happy. Great staff.

This has been a rare and unique experience for us. An eye opener for me. I received amazing results for my diabetes with the control of food and great treatments. The plan of setting SOUKYA and its gardens concept for walks was most soothing and calming. The administration is so very efficient. An institute is only as good as its staffs functioning, here the staff from Doctors, Therapists, kitchen, and yoga teachers to maintainers of the whole environment are simply and superbly great. I learnt so much about myself and life generally that I will always remember my stay, treatment and experience here. SOUKYA has a great future. We wish SOUKYA to heal a whole lot of people now and the coming future. Best wishes always to all staff at SOUKYA.

We have been visiting SOUKYA for the last 10 years now. Credit goes to this organization for maintaining the high standards. In fact it is pleasing to see some improvements every time we come. Wishing SOUKYA all the very best.

Thank you very much to SOUKYA team for taking such good care of me. I got the results I wanted and feel new smile. This is the place I come when I need to fix up my body. Third visit now and will keep coming back when need to. Thank you to everyone for your care.

Entering SOUKYA is like getting into a calm tranquil and nourishing heaven. Love the flowers and orchards, the chirping of the birds and the butterflies. All the doctors were very competent and thoughtful. The therapists were simply amazing. The dining staff were also amazing. Food demos were excellent. On the whole a very positive and rejuvenating experience.

I had a pleasant & peaceful stay here in SOUKYA Holistic Health Centre. I will definitely be back all cause of the hospitality I received during my stay. Thanks to all of you.

Have been coming since 2014. I think that says it all. Awesome for my condition, thank you.

An exceptional holistic stay, very pleasant and effective. We have discovered the traditional Indian medicines in a great atmosphere and very caring staff. Thank you for everything. We wish you prosperity. All the best.

I had not imagined that in our country we have such a good medical and general healthcare facility with such good people around you to take care of you at SOUKYA. Really fantastic. Hope to come again around Nov-Dec this year.

SOUKYA feels like a little heaven on earth. It was my second time here and I had a restful, rejuvenating stay. Nothing I have seen matches the serenity of the environment at SOUKYA. Dr Mathai and his team have and are continuing to do an excellent job.

Thank you very much for very nice hospitality and it is one of the best travelling experience, also it was nice gesture to celebrate my birthday in SOUKYA, see you after 6months.

Just in one word Excellence for all special experience we have in SOUKYA for 1 week. Thank you for everything, SOUKYA!

SOUKYA is a magical place. The placement of every plant, tree and smile comes from the heart. There are no short cuts in life and SOUKYA does not claim to be one. What it is, is a place to find balance in mind, body and soul. It’s an amazing place. I will be back! Thank you, Dr Mathai & his team."

It was an extremely pleasant experience to stay with SOUKYA. Many thanks to Dr Mathai and everyone in the team. This is a unique place with unique magic power to heal the body and soul.

Thank you so much for all your kind hospitality with SOUKYA spirit and heart. SOUKYA truly creates an amazing healing environment with the celebration of life though heart touching experience? I hope more Japanese people will come and experience the world of SOUKYA.


Very relaxing visit feel recharged. Therapists better than usual. Great improvement all around, food, service and smiling faces. Thank you to all staffs and doctors.

SOUKYA, A place to return often; reflects a sacred place to rest one's own mind, body and soul. A space in which to grow and radiate like gold.

A Wonderful first taste of Ayurveda and SOUKYA. The gardens are wonderful-always something new to find or see. Staff are excellent. Felt very much at peace. Leaving very relaxed

The grounds are so magical. I love all the plants and how lovingly they are maintained. It’s so nice to have the long walking trail for exercise. All the staff have been so friendly and caring to me. The food is delicious and so nourishing. My favourite yoga room in the world!

Thank you for creating this very special place of healing. Everything is done from the heart and I feel living healthier and more knowledgeable, nurtured and loved. The entire team is amazing.

Soukya is a very special place. From the beautiful garden to the knowledgeable doctors, to the wonderful therapists, to the excellent yoga, I have been rejuvenated. It is like a sanctuary illuminated by love.


My 6th visit in 6 years, I guess that says it all. Continually improving, dedicated staff from top to bottom. Other worldly almost. Normally I come in May but June was fine too, although monsoons delayed. I first came her by chance at a passing reference by a Saudi Colleague. Bravo, Dr & Mrs Mathai.

Next time I will not wait so long to come back. I would not have a better experience, after struggling for 6 years and trying 4 different doctors, you are the one who change my life. Thank you so much, all my symptoms are almost gone and I am much stronger on one month.

What a blissfully wonderful sanctuary created with such loving care and vision by Dr & Mrs Mathai. We have been truly blessed to have experienced SOUKYA is all its glory. Our first visit but definitely not our last. The rejuvenating environment landscape organic, delicious healthful food, comfortable room, continues and helpful staff, not to mention the caring medical staff, doctors, therapists, attendants all contributed to the healing process. The offering of so many different national forms of medicine under one roof makes SOUKYA unique along with all else, rejuvenating not only body but spirit and mind. Heartfelt and immense gratitude to every member of staff who would have contributed in some way some more than others to the beautiful refreshing four weeks that flow by in this heavenly paradise.

My wife and I spend 20 days at SOUKYA. We came with some medical issues that we wanted to work, we found more than we expected and with a much deeper understanding of our bodies. The doctors, the therapists and other staff have made this experience unique. We definitely will come back and recommend to our friends. SOUKYA is a beautiful place to recharge the spirit.

An exquisite refuge of beauty calm and pampering, sincere gratitude to the entire staff for their demonstrated dedication and compassion and love. A shout sweet stay. Namaste.

It has been a great journey to discover SOUKYA. Thank you, the treatment days have made better, very professional and nice people, clean environment.


SOUKYA just gets better and better, therapists the very best, the doctors, food is very delicious always interesting and the food information is really useful and more butterflies than ever. It really is paradise on earth. Everyone is cheerful, welcoming and helpful. We return home very much healed in Mind, Body and Spirit. Thank you so much.

This is my third visit to SOUKYA, each time I come I am more impressed by the skill, compassion and all of the staff and the beautiful settings Dr Mathai his family and team have inserted everything special. This is further enhanced by Dr Mathai's tireless charitable work for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged and his support for research to brighten beneath at integrated medicines to all.

I have known SOUKYA since its very beginning and have referred colleagues and clients but this was my first Panchakarma a life changing and lifesaving commitment for me. Therapeutically the team are magnificent in every way. As a place of healing SOUKYA might well be called The Garden of Eden. I am grateful beyond measure and look forward to many more years of relationship. Thank you.

After so many years we still come with great pleasure because we are so sure of the results. Thank you so much to all the lovely staff at SOUKYA that make our stay a success every time we come.

Awesome stay in SOUKYA, what can I say, it is always perfect. I love SOUKYA. I love everybody here. Many thanks and full love to you.

Our experience was immensely positive. This is my second and my mom’s fifth time in SOUKYA and we are once again are certain that this is the best place for Ayurvedic and Naturopathic treatment in the world. We will definitely come back here as many times as possible. We wish the staff and Dr Mathai all the best and hope to return soon.

We came for a health check and left 6 days later feeling 10 years younger, lighter, with a magnificent clarity of mind. SOUKYA has a world class team of doctors and therapists. The gardens are spectacular, utterly breath taking. The cuisine was imaginative, interesting and very tasty.

Arriving at 3pm at SOUKYA and wandering around the next day, I thought that it would be an extreme challenge to stay for more than 2 weeks, now after 25 days it feels like home and I have recovered in a remarkable way from all my neurological problems. How you guys did it, I do not know but the result is phenomenal A special thank you to my therapists and Thank you great staff, great service. Dr Mathai and team, thanks for all and stay in touch.

It has been my 4th time at SOUKYA. It feels like coming back home to a family who takes care of oneself. A special thanks to Dr Mathai and the whole team.

I arrived here extremely tired and totally confused on how to tackle my health issues. I stayed only 8 days, but the difference is incredible. Thanks to all the professional adviser of such top-notch doctors of Dr Mathai and the lovely therapists. I now have a much better understanding of my body and of how my mind connects to it. I will be extremely grateful for this experience and the food will be something I will always remember with admiration. Cannot wait for the cook book. All the best.

Heaven on earth. My first time in SOUKYA above any expectations, great staff, excellent food, fantastic therapies, everybody efficient, competent and with smile. Looking forward for my next stay. Thank you so much.

The rustling of the leaves in the calming gentle breeze brings a tranquillity of ease which with every day brings peace. The sea of green and bloom of flowers accompanies the choirs of bird sing showers the daily ritual of sheep to grass and rooster announcing that time has passed. The quiet endeavour of all around whose smiles and warmth docs surround and fills us all with nature’s glee. This garden of delight welcomes its guests day and night it fills hearts with hope and peace and provides for us a beautiful feast. A place where time rests for you and allows a broader, better new. With thanks to all who make it run and for all God grace and guidance in one.

The dance of butterflies on the breeze breathes me apart from the self – as I float on birdsong in this garden of healing a garden where the shy namaste of the workers smiles a universe of love taking me back to where it all began to where it is to where it always will be to the light to the love to the source.


Wonderful place of serenity - healing with friendly, caring people. God be praised.

An island of peace in a troubled world. Great service, Great people.

The place itself is very soothing. A compelling face to visit again and again. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Dear SOUKYA team, Thank you for one of the most inspiring, loving and transforming experience I have ever experienced. Thank you for doing your best to help me restore a sense of balance, helping and guiding to my truth and most important thank you for teaching love and open my heart. This was really a journey to the soul. And to find the right words to express is very emotional for me (in a grateful way). Continue what you are doing and the healing with others go on. All the best to you all, you were God sent. Thanking you, love you.

Thank you for an incredible, life changing trip! I feel like my mind and body have been healed. One of my best experiences ever. Very grateful for the treatment I got!

If ever there was a living example of the Garden of Eden, this would be it no doubt. Exceptional gardens fauna and flora, that could be. Excellent doctors, therapists and support staff. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Keep up the good work and hope you continue to touch many more lives.

Fantastic and thoughtful staff, very good ayurvedic treatments, cute sheeps on the lawn in the mornings, amazing stay, definitely coming back here.



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