The emergence of 'SOUKYA' as a pre-eminent international holistic health and wellness destination is the result of seamless teamwork of Dr. Issac Mathai and Dr. Suja Issac, and their relentless pursuit to provide holistic treatment of an international standard. While Dr. Issac Mathai focussed on the medical and treatment (healing) aspects, Dr. Suja's attention was on developing a friendly and natural environment suited for healing. Together, the SOUKYA team of committed doctors, treatment staff and others have shown the world what India can offer.

Dr. Issac MathaiChairman, Managing & Medical Director, Founder

A journey that began from the hills of Wayanad (northern Kerala) in 1985, started to bloom in 1998, and today is an international destination for Holistic health and wellbeing. When Dr. Issac Mathai embarked on this journey influenced by his mother, a Homeopathy practitioner who “helped people get better”, little did he know that one day he would lead a team to redefine the essence of health and wellbeing.

As a confident youngster aspiring to be an ‘exceptional Homeopathic Doctor’, Dr. Mathai encountered two key turning points in life - one, an internationally well-received research paper on integrating Yoga with Homeopathy to cure respiratory disorders, and two, learning at the Hahnemann Postgraduate Institute of Homeopathy, London.

Later he was made a Consultant Physician at the Hale Clinic in London, where he treated a number of high-profile people. This helped him establish a reputation in the holistic healing community in quick time. SOUKYA, is today, a residential holistic centre comparable to any facility in the world.

In a world that is comfortable with the conventional practice of 'popping pills', the world at large practices a combination of self-medication based on preconceived notions about what is wrong with individuals. In such a scenario, Dr. Issac Mathai and his team of experienced practitioners from different streams have achieved an important goal - create awareness about the possibility of prevention of adverse health conditions, rather than just addressing the symptom.


M.D. (Homeopathy),
Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London M.R.C.H, London
Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture, WHO Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China
Trained (Mind-Body Medicine Programme) at Harvard Medical School, USA

Read about Dr. Issac Mathai’s exciting story in his book titled: ‘Holistic Healing, A doctor’s guide to rediscovering health and happiness, naturally’. Copies are available at SOUKYA.

Dr. Suja Issac Co-Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Suja Issac teamed up with Dr. Mathai, to create a well thought out, successful model of a responsibly luxurious and environmentally sustainable centre, conducive for holistic healing. Her passion is reflective in her being the driving force behind the design, architecture and landscaping of SOUKYA.

Dr. Suja has an eye for fine, aesthetic detail, thanks to her background in floor and spatial planning and in principles of art and textiles design. These backgrounds enabled her to make true, Dr. Mathai’s dream of recreating his family’s tea plantation environment. She designed the rooms, gardens, and interiors all connected with nature. As a result, the crux of her designs use natural and local material, sustainable, eco-friendly and energy saving resources. The name SOUKYA and the logo were both creations of hers.

Among the many hats she wears, as a Food and Nutrition Professional, She developed the entire healthy ovo-vegetarian food plan and oversees the Dietary Department. She has a Ph.D in the Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on the Nutritional Status of Premenopausal Women with Vitamin D Deficiency.

Even as all the facilities, and its soothing environment are sufficient for a great healing experience, Dr. Suja's ability to simply listen to guests and their experiences, and offer advice as a life coach adds to the charm. Helping them reflect on their lives and look at positives, is a relishing exercise.


PHD, Food & Nutrition, Madras University
M.Sc. & M.Phil - Food & Nutrition, Women's Christian College, Madras University



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