Experiential Package

1 Night - 2 Days

Our “Experiential Package” has everything you need to unwind, revitalise, and advance your own health goals. With an emphasis on health promotion, early intervention, and treatment of illnesses, our programmes are led by an expert team of doctors in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

Our all-inclusive package is a minimum stay of one night and two days, and includes accommodation, organic ovo-vegetarian meals, two treatments, a health assessment by our doctors, Yoga taught by our naturopathic doctor, and access to all of our amenities.

Post COVID Treatment

As symptoms range from headaches, reduced ability to smell or taste, fatigue, to respiratory system issues, sleep disorders, disorientation, pain, cognitive & neurological impairment.

Our Integrative Approach is tailored to each individual through treatment, diet, medicine and Yoga to assist in elimination of toxins from the system, enhanced digestion and circulation, and optimal organ function, all of which contribute to a strong immune system.



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